With us it’s service first, loyalty always.

At Your Service

Mill Hall Pharmacy is really all about service. We are your local hometown pharmacy. Our staff wants to get to know you by name and exchange greetings when you come in. Your experience here will be welcoming, caring, and kind…never generic.

Don’t Leave Without Asking

If you have any questions about your prescriptions, MedSync or its process, Dr. Comfort shoes, or any product we provide, please ask! We are ready to answer your questions. Don’t ever leave feeling like you don’t know something you should.

Become a Regular

There’s a reason we toot our own horn about receiving The Express 2017 Reader’s Choice Award for Best Pharmacy. We care about your health. Our staff is professional, knowledgeable, and patient-oriented. Want make customers comfortable and happy so their experiences at our pharmacy are the primary reason they want to keep coming back. Become a “regular.”

Come on in to our family-owned and -operated pharmacy today. You are always welcome. Contact us using the easy-to-complete form or call us at 570-726-3213 today!
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24 hour emergency service available!
We offer home-delivery service!